About Us

Logix leak detection is a new business in Pretoria and the greater Tshwane Metro area. We provide a Service not currently available in the area. The business target market covers all the end users, from business and Industry through to the domestic household.

Water is not a limitless resource and is becoming scarce and expensive. It has become vital that everyone gets involved in the management of this resource. Logix leak detection also sells equipment that assists with the management of your water usage. The supply of this equipment has a full training and service back up option where required.

Below is a list of some of the services we offer.

  • Retro fittings – reducing water flow, but not pressure
  • Water meter accuracy testing – verifying municipal water meter accuracy for accurate billing
  • Pipe locating – Precise pipe layout
  • Leak detection – Locating possible leaks without digging
  • Pressure testing – To verify accurate domestic pressure

Services Logix Leak Detection Specialise in…
Logix Leak Detection is involved in the technical, social and financial issues of Water Demand Management through the planning, implementation and monitoring the following specialised activities:

  • Leak detection with latest technology (Correlating Equipment)
  • Water Management Services
  • Retrofitting of water use fittings
  • Data logging of water meters (Pressure and flow)
  • Noise logging
  • Water meter sizing
  • Water Meter Reading
  • Open channel flow logging
  • Repairs & calibration
  • Ultra Sonic flow measurements and meter accuracy testing

Radio Leak Detection
With the help of the latest technology in correlating equipment Logix Leak Detection can locate leaks on any pipe size and material

Noise Logging
Noise logging is a very difficult process as everyday noise makes it impossible to locate leaks over big areas. But Logix Leak Detection can log large areas at once over longer periods in order to pinpoint leaks more accurately.
Zoning of areas in smaller parcels and having meters in these areas that can be logged assist in this management of water process

Retrofitting of Water Use Fittings
Logix Leak Detection offers you a whole new solution that provides you with a complete range of retro fittings that saves you water without affecting the quality of life.

Water Management Services
Logix Leak Detection provides a complete and comprehensive range of environmentally responsible water management solutions to government, local authorities the private sector and domestic households.

Water Meter Sizing
Logix Leak Detection will assist you in fitting the correct size meter for your specific application. Old meters do not measure as accurately as the latest meters on the market and with newer technology smaller meters can handle the same flow and pressure.

Data Logging of Water Meters
Through accurate zoning and data logging of water meters, Logix Leak Detection generate flow and pressure graphs that give us the ability to implement the best water management solution for you. By using these loggers and specialised software we can determine what water loss occurs, if any, and give you a full report on this in Rand value. This in turn can assist you in planning the maintenance of your water supply system and the effective management thereof.

Visual inspections
Logix Leak Detection does visual inspection at a reasonable rate to determine if possible water leaks or water management planning is needed. This is the first step to be taken towards effective water management. These inspections are done for Industry and Households. Industrial inspections include a full report with photographs and possible water management solutions and recommendations. Household inspections are reported verbally, unless a written report is required.

Take note of the following points

  • Water leaks do not always look like this, it actually seldom does.
  • Water always takes the easiest route from the leak and this is not always to the surface. Most leaks therefore are not visible if underground.]
  • Why have your whole driveway dug up if the leak can be pointed out to a position as close as 10 cm?
  • You pay for water loss at the highest rate on your bill, it is not the free water that you lose.
  • A Tap that drips slowly but constantly costs you up to 80 liters of water per day. This adds up to 2400 liters a month. How many of your taps are dripping?
  • Some of the leaks we have detected are so big that one day’s water loss is enough to supply 700 medium sized households with water for a month.

If you have a water problem or want to ensure that you are only paying for the water you actually use contact us for a visual inspection and let us help you save this precious resource for our children and their children. Proper water management is the responsibility of all who use it.